Levesque and Derrick Architects were engaged to design an extension that was to accommodate a family of 5 while remaining sympathetic to the existing character of the neighbourhood. The resulting home is sophisticated and relies on careful detailing and fine craftsmanship.

Petro Builders worked directly with the owners to complete this project which features a seamless transition from the pool area to the living space, and a modern kitchen that opens up to the outdoor areas via frameless hung windows and large sliding doors. A set of stacking sliders intersects the indoor and outdoor living spaces at 105 degrees, adding both visual interest and a challenge during construction.

The foreman, Joel Taylor, took great care to ensure that the existing house retained its Queenslander character and blended appropriately with the carefully executed extension. This beautiful outcome is testament to Levesque and Derrick Architects’ command of style and detailing and the importance of successful collaboration between an architect, client and builder.