Renovating an apartment is never an easy task when considering proximity with neighbours and access to the premises.

The renovation of this riverside St Lucia property demanded a strategic approach to minimise the impact on neighbouring apartments, as well as facilitate the delivery of materials and disposal of building waste. Petro Builders site manager Greg DeWagt and the skilled team of subcontractors ensured this renovation was delivered with little disturbance to the neighbours above and below.  Greg and the Petro Builders team also facilitated some innovative solutions to installing very large items such as marble dining tables and art works.

Coop Creative designed a plan that was not only a challenge for our team but also pushed the boundaries of integrated cabinetry designs. Brett Thomas at Sunshine State Cabinetry provided an exceptionally functional yet aesthetic result that displays an understanding of how cabinetry can be integrated into every area of a room. Thanks to Greg overseeing, and Brett and our other skilled subcontractors, the clients have told us they are thrilled with their home.