Change is inevitable and at Petro Builders we endeavour to make change exciting.

The owners of this three bedroom home in Oxley were beginning to outgrow their existing space and engaged Petro Builders to help create a new, custom designed, beautifully finished space to better suit their needs.

With plans provided by Mike Jones from studio Arkitecture, this was an exciting renovation for us as our number one goal was to ensure this space met all of our clients’ needs. The addition of a new master bedroom extension as well as a fourth bedroom created the extra space needed while the addition of an acoustically designed music room went the extra step in ensuring we were able to produce a finished product that excelled in meeting expectation. To ensure the street appeal reflected the new design, we added a new covered deck while tying the new roof back into the existing, to ensure the overall design still fit in with the expectations of the area. Finished off with a new timber featured carport, exposed aggregate driveway and hardwood feature fence we believe that this is a true representation of what we do here at Petro Builders.

Sometimes the art in the construction is ensuring the final product still sits seamlessly as if we were never actually there.