Petro Builders believes great design needs great workmanship. We believe in our client’s vision. We believe in creating buildings and renovations that are beautiful, clever, sustainable, and cost effective.

Since its establishment in 2009, Petro Builders has grown steadily, with each new team member bringing unique skills set and experience. Nick Petroeschevsky has assembled a team who are passionate about the work they do and who take genuine pleasure from creating beautiful buildings.

Over time, the projects have grown in complexity and scale, with each challenge adding to a wealth of knowledge and experience that is applied to every subsequent Petro Builders project. Among these are award-winning restoration and extension projects, character-sensitive builds, and complex designs and site conditions. Combined with Nick’s natural talent for problem solving, these experiences give Petro Builders the confidence to tackle any project.

We believe that remarkable buildings come from collaboration between builders, designers, clients, and other trades. We consider clear, honest communication to be essential at all stages of a project. It is something we bring to every project, and something that our clients appreciate about working with us.

For more information about who we are and our past jobs, or to discuss your plans for future projects, please feel free to contact us.

We understand and value design goals

Remarkable buildings rely on a mutual understanding of the design goals between the builder and designer. Nick’s clear communication and respect for great design allows for a truly collaborative build process in which the designers, clients, and tradespeople are all working towards a common goal. The Petro Builders team takes pride in having a keen eye for detail at all scales and stages of the project.

Varied experience

Successful execution of a project requires a thorough understanding of the entire build process, and anticipation of any potential hurdles or complications. The diverse team at Petro Builders brings years of experience to the table, for all types of residential and commercial construction, heritage work, high-end architectural projects, innovative materials and building processes.