This unique riverfront home designed by a young, upcoming Brisbane based architect, Joseph Pappalardo stands tall and proud in its prime location on the banks of the Brisbane River in West Lake.

An ambitious design, took this boxy, four bedroom brick and tile and transformed it into a beautiful four storey house by incorporating tight angles, hand seamed zinc cladding and beautiful timber work allowing it to stand out from the natural streetscape. This accompanied by the use of a perforated, stretched copper lined stair well, powder coated steel stairs and high end luxury finishes led to a beautifully resolved space maintaining a homely feel whist showcasing Petro Builders’ fine work and the elegance of the design.

A challenging build with many design hurdles throughout the process, Petro Builders and Joseph Pappalardo worked incredibly well side by side to achieve the full potential of the design.

This build reflects Petro Builders ideals of building well resolved structures that stand unique to the houses around them.

The owner is delighted with her stunning new home, and it was featured in Brisbane News in October 2014 (see