Darryl Jover

Cert III Carpentry and Joinery, Cert IV Building

Working for more than 20 years in a range of construction industry roles, Darryl brings a deep understanding of the construction process and empathy for all parties involved. He is equally adept as a carpenter on the tools as he is at managing projects. This enables him to maintain healthy working relationships throughout the project from labourers on site through to clients.

Originally from Far North Queensland, Darryl has spent the last 18 years in Brisbane as a contract carpenter and builder. During this time he gained experience across many trades. He obtained his builders licence in 2007 and has worked in a construction management and supervision role since 2010.

Darryl has a methodical approach to projects, drawing on substantial experience to foresee potential hurdles. This, combined with his calm demeanour, creates a reassuring environment for clients and subcontractors.

In his down time Darryl enjoys spending time with his family, camping, fishing and travelling.